​At Revolutions Dance we strive to make your dance experience an enjoyable and fulfilling one. Our broad range of classes offers a style of dance that fits the student.

Revolutions has something for you!  

Pre Ballet: Starts at age 3

An introduction to dance which stimulates spontaneity and self expression in a nurturing and playful atmosphere.  Children learn to work with others while discovering the joy of dance.  Children should wear a bodysuit (any color), pink or white tights, and pink ballet slippers.  Ballet skirts are optional. 

Hair should be worn in a ponytail or bun.

Parent & Tot:Age 12-36 months

Our Parents & Tots program is designed to offer a place for parents and toddlers to play learn and develop.  It is a great way to introduce dance to your child.  Children should wear a bodysuit (any colour), pink or white tights, and pink ballet slippers.  Ballet skirts are optional.

Parents/Guardians can wear something comfortable and non restricting.

Ballet: Starts at age 7

Ballet is a classical dance form demanding grace and precision. Ballet focuses on the principals and steps on which almost all dance styles are founded. A student with a solid ballet foundation can transfer their skills into jazz and modern dance. Ballet develops posture, strength, and improves flexibility. A strong ballet background is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer in any discipline. Students should wear body suit, tights, and pink ballet slippers. Shorts are not permitted for ballet, wrap skirts may be worn. Baggy clothing such as T-shirts or sweat shirts will not be permitted.

Hair must be worn in a ponytail or bun.

Pointe:At teachers discretion

Pointe work is for the experienced ballet dancer as an extension of their ballet training.  Ballet students are generally ready to start pointe work after achieving competency in fundamental ballet technique.  Before starting pointe a dancer must be able to maintain turnout while demonstrating center exercises.  They must also be able to pull up properly in the legs and balance securely  in relevé.  Typically, years of training and practice are required to develop the strength and technique needed for pointe work.  Pointe work is held to the discretion of the teacher.  The dress code for pointe is the same as ballet except pointe shoes are needed.

Jazz: Starts at age 6

Jazz is a high energy technical form of dance which incorporates coordinated movements in motion. Jazz develops technique, flexibility, and rhythm using today’s popular music.  Students can wear any style of bodysuit, footless tights & shorts or leggings.  A tank top may be worn as long as it is form fitting.  Students wear nude jazz shoes on their feet.  Hair must been worn up off the face.

Jazz Funk: age 10+

Jazz Funk is a fusion of many different dance styles.  From jazz-hip hop-lyrical jazz funk incorporates little bits and pieces of other dance disciplines and wraps it into a funky style that is both fun and expressive.  Students can wear a bodysuit or tank top, shorts & tights, or leggings.  Students can go barefoot but may require jazz shoes depending on the choreography. 

Lyrical/Contemporary: Starts at age 7
Emphasis is placed on self expression while at the same time, developing physical and artistic values. Lyrical/Contemporary dance is closely mingled with other dance genres like jazz and ballet as it draws techniques from both disciplines.  Same attire as jazz however students dance barefoot. 
Hair should be worn up away from the face.

Tap: Starts at age 4

Tap is a fun way to develop coordination by combining rhythm and movement.  Tap provides the dancer with musical understanding and theatrical presentation.  Tappers can enjoy creating a variety of percussive rhythms with their feet.  Students can wear any style bodysuit, tights, shorts or leggings, and black tap shoes on their feet.

Hip HopStarts at age 7

Hip Hop is a fun and funky way to learn the latest dance moves to your favorite top 40 music. This is a popular form of street dancing found in music videos. Students can wear jogging pants with either a T-shirt or tank top. Students should wear indoor sneakers.

Jazz / Hip Hop: Age 4 to 7

Jazz / Hip Hop is a form of dance which incorporates Jazz techniques along with the latest Hip Hop moves.  Students can wear a jazz pant, leggings, or Capri pants, with either a tank top or T-shirt

(as long as it is not too baggy).  Students wear nude jazz shoes on their feet.

Adult Classes: 18+

Our adult classes are geared to incorporate fun and fitness.  

Adult classes are offered in Lyrical/Contemporary & Hip Hop .  

Acro: Starts at age 6

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines dance technique along with acrobatics.  Like gymnastics, there are "tricks" but dancers learn to incorporate these tricks seamlessly into dance choreography and on a hard floor.  Students must wear tight clothes, body suit or sports bra with dance shorts, footless tights are optional.  Hair must be worn in braids or bun.  Must be barefoot.

*Please note students enrolled in Acro must take a technical dance class, these classes include Ballet, Jazz or Lyrical.  It is important for students taking acro to be trained in dance as well as acrobatics.

Exam Classes

Revolutions Dance offers exam classes in both jazz and tap through the ADAPT  syllabus (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) as well as Acro exams with Acrobatic Arts. We are very proud and honoured to be the first and only Studio to be offering these type of exams in Newfoundland. ADAPT & Acrobatic Arts exam classes are an extension of the students training and are designed to focus on technique and strength.  Students are taught a set syllabus throughout the year and, if ready will take the examination.   Jazz exam students must wear a bodysuit, shorts, nude tights and jazz shoes.  Tap exam students  wear a bodysuit, tights and shorts, or capri leggings.  Oxford style tap shoes are preferred.  No patient leather tap shoes. Acro exam students must wear a bodysuit with either bike shorts and/or nude tights. Students should wear their hair in either a bun or french braids.

"An expert in anything was once a beginner" -Capeizo

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