​​Revolutions Dance

Q: Do we have to go through the registration process at the start of each term?

A: No. Students are automatically enrolled from September-June. If a student wishes to withdraw they must contact the office via email. Once received we will cancel the dancer's enrolment. Please note that if we are not contacted you may be billed for the term.

Q: Are virtual classes only for students who live outside the metro area?

A: No. Our virtual classes are for dancers who would prefer to dance at home as well as students who do not have access to dance in their community.

Q: Is Acro the same as Gymnastics?

A: Though there are similarities Acro dance & Gymnastics are not the same. The answer may seem obvious but Acro dance combines Acrobatics and dance together.  Acro is done on a hard floor whereas Gymnastics is done on a sprung floor. Therefore entrances & exits out of skills or "tricks" differ for the dancers safety. 

Q: Why do dancers taking Acro have to be enrolled in a technical class (Ballet, Jazz or Lyrical).

A: We feel that students taking Acro dance must be trained in a technical dance style as well as acrobatics. Students should have a basic understanding of body alignment, stretch & strength.