​​Revolutions Dance

COVID-19 update\procedures

We are taking great measures to ensure our staff and students are safe while in our building. The safety of our dance families & staff are our top priority. Please carefully read our COVID-19 procedures & protocols below.

Adjusting to the new normal at Revolutions Dance;

​- Effective Monday, August 24th all staff, students and parents must wear a mask in the common areas of Revolutions Dance. This includes the waiting room, office & washrooms (this excludes children 5 & under). As per public health guidelines masks are not recommended while students are dancing. Once inside their designated classroom students will be instructed when to remove their mask. We suggest students bring a zip lock bag with their name clearly marked to store their mask safely while in class. 

- We ask that only three dancers or “bubbles” be in the porch at one time. The sidewalk outside the studio will be taped off 6 feet to keep physical distancing. If the sidewalk is full, dancers will have to wait in their vehicles until space allows. 

- Upon entering the studio students MUST sanitize at our hand sanitizing station in the porch. 

- We are requiring that all students stay physically distant in the dance rooms, waiting room and washrooms. This includes sisters , friends etc. The porch “bubble” is only for students that have been dropped off together. We will not be doing any partner work with dancers and we feel that it is in the best interest of everyone to be physically distant as not to create any animosity between the students. 

- There are multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the Studio.

- After students sanitize they can place belongings in the waiting room then head to their designated class room. Once students are in their class room they must pick a square to stand in and that will be their designated spot for the class. 

 - The washrooms are cleaned frequently throughout the day. Lines have been taped off to allow for distancing if waiting for a washroom. We are limiting the number of dancers going to the bathroom at the same time. 

- Frequent cleaning & disinfecting of all areas in the studio will be completed throughout the day.  A deep clean of the facility will be done at the end of each day. 

- The cap size on class differs per room. We have taped out the floor in each studio to allow for physical distancing. 

- There will be no partner work until health officials have given us its okay to do so. 

- We ask that students keep belongings to a minimum. They will need to bring a resealable water bottle with their name clearly marked on it as the water cooler is temporarily closed. Only water will be permitted in the dance rooms.

- Any personal items left at the studio will be discarded at the end of each day.

- Parents of students  age 7 and older are not permitted to observe class from the waiting room. Only 1 parent will be allowed in the Studio with dancers ages 6 and under. 

- Payments can be made via email transfer or credit card. If parents wish to come into the office in person they must wear a mask.

- Students will be dismissed from class one at a time to ensure physical distancing. We recommend that students sanitize their hands on the way out. Hand washing & sanitizing procedures will be posted throughout the facility. 

- If you have any flu like symptoms  do not enter Revolutions Dance. Please stay home.

- If you have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 do not enter Revolutions Dance.

​- If you have travelled outside the Province/Atlantic Bubble do not enter Revolutions Dance. Self isolate.

- Practice good hygiene (wash your hands, avoid touching your face, cough and sneeze into your arm or tissue).

- Please practice physical distancing by staying 6 feet or 2 arms length away from others.

If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 protocols please do not hesitate to contact us.